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02 October 2019

Toby Raine's Heroines and Heroin featured on Denizen

Toby Raine's Heroines and Heroin featured on Denizen
Raine, Painting of the Artist's mother in Youth with Hat (as commissioned by the artist's Father too long ago) (Penelope Raine), 2019

Toby Raine's new exhibition Heroines and Heroin has been featured on Denizen as an exhibition not to be missed. "In true Raine style, Heroines and Heroin is a thought-provoking exhibition that not only invites nostalgia — by encouraging us to reminisce on pivotal cultural moments — but also reminds guests of the interesting and talented female visionaries whose presence has made a serious cultural impact over the years. As such, Raine’s latest exhibition is set to be captivating for all, whether horror-movie junkie or otherwise."

Read the full article here and view the exhibition at our Kitchener Street Gallery until Saturday 26 October.

16 October 2018

Toby Raine Named One of New Zealand's Brightest Visual Artists

Toby Raine Named One of New Zealand's Brightest Visual Artists
Raine, Brandon Flowers with Purple Hoodie..., 2017

Toby Raine has been named as one of five of the New Zealand's Brightest Visual Artists presented by NZ On Air as featured on Happy Mag. "Toby Raine’s portraits target anyone from Bob Dylan, to fictional True Detective lead Rust Cole, to a drunk and furrowed Mel Gibson seething about the Jews. His fascination with male icons is far from exhausted, and neither is his talent. Whoever the subject, they’re brilliant pieces of heavy oil painting."

Read the full article here.

26 March 2018

Toby Raine on The 13th Floor

Toby Raine on The 13th Floor
Raine, Jack Nicholson hungover with Watermellon and Cup of Coffee, 2017

Toby Raine has recently been interviewed by Liz Gunn on The 13th Floor discussing his upcoming exhibition Heroes and Hangovers opening on April 18 at our Kitchener St Gallery. Watch the full interview on Youtube here.

07 March 2018

Now Representing Toby Raine

Now Representing Toby Raine
Toby Raine in studio

Gow Langsford Gallery is delighted to announce that Toby Raine is joining our stable of represented artists.

Toby Raine has a distinctive approach to painting. Moving oil paint across the surface of the canvas, his strokes are confident, rough and expressive. Peaks and splatters of his medium mix with thick, gestural strokes that rejoice in the materiality of paint. Taking an image or a photograph as a starting point, Raine's work ends up in a terrain between representation and abstraction. 
Raine's inaugural exhibition with Gow Langsford Gallery, Heroes and Hangovers, will open at our Kitchener Street Gallery on Tuesday the 17th of April, from 5-7pm. The exhibition will run until the 12th of May.

Toby Raine is an Auckland-based artist who received a Doctor of Fine Arts from the University of Auckland in 2016. He has been a finalist in the Wallace Art Awards (2011, 2012, 2016) as well as a finalist in the Molly Morpeth Canaday Award (2014, 2015, 2016) and in the National Contemporary Art Award (2013).