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Gow Langsford Gallery

Gow Langsford Gallery


Spring Catalogue 2012

Angus Boats, Island Bay 1968
Frizzell Pascoid Tiki #3 2000
Cotton Sold 1994
Walters Painting with Red 1985
Walters Untitled 1975
McCahon_Black Diamond, white square, Gate series_enamel on hardboard_1212 x 763 mm_1961
Picasso Visage au nez pincé 1959
George Rickey
John Pule_Nofo La Koe
Hotere_Vidyapati’s Song, 1979
Killeen_Destruction of a Circle


25th Anniversary Special Edition Spring Catalogue
28 August - 29 September 2012
Kitchener St
Preview: Tuesday 28 August, 5 - 7 pm
Gow Langsford Gallery was established by John Gow and Gary Langsford in a converted gas station in the Auckland suburb of Grey Lynn in 1987. The premises added new meaning to the expression that it was started on the smell of an oily rag. Although not entirely humble beginnings (oysters were served at the grand opening) the gallery reportedly almost didn’t get off the ground. Just weeks after the opening the share market crashed; a turbulent event that would, years on, prove to be just one of many art market hurdles to overcome. Yet more than 400 exhibitions, seven gallery spaces, twenty-odd art fairs, a seemingly innumerable number of artists and staff, a few weddings and one funeral later - this year Gow Langsford is celebrating a landmark twenty five years.

Gow Langsford Gallery_The Strand

The Gallery has been more than a vocation for both Directors who are passionate advocates for the visual arts and committed to the development of the careers of the artists they represent. Through their dedication they have fostered the growth of contemporary art in New Zealand and enabled the careers of many of this country’s most notable artists. They have actively sought to introduce local audiences to international art. Together they have hosted one-man shows by Pablo Picasso (1998), Damien Hirst (2010), Bernar Venet (2006 and 2012), Donald Judd (2002) and Tony Cragg (2005 and 2011)
They have enjoyed success placing works in major collections both in public institutions and private homes, locally and internationally.

The Spring Catalogue Exhibition has been a hallmark of the Gow Langsford Gallery calendar since 1996. The exhibition is made up of a collection of investment artworks ranging from historical to contemporary works and is accompanied by a full colour publication. This 25th Anniversary edition of the Spring Catalogue includes twenty five sales highlights along with an overview of an extraordinary exhibition history.

See a selection of past catalogues online here.
(image: John Gow and Gary Langford during renovations for Gow Langsford Gallery, The Strand, 1990) 


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