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Gow Langsford Gallery

Gow Langsford Gallery


Favourite Things

Judy Millar_Untitled_2010
Allen Maddox_Untitled_1983
Joseph Gaut_Masterton, Wairarapa_1888
Unknown Artist_Tekana, Nagti Ranginui_c.1930
Theo Schoon_Robley Print_1965
Dick Frizzell_Grocer with Moko_ 2004
Lisa Roet_Astro Chimp #43_2006
Kim Joon_Duet Cloud_2006
George Rickey_Four Rectangles One Square (Variation III)_1972
Dick Frizzell_Mickey to Tiki (Reversed)_2012
Gade_Modern Tangka-Mickey Buddha_2008
Yves Klein_Blue Table_designed 1961, produced 1963
Colin McCahon_Jump_1974
Mervyn Williams_Myth (Gold)_1992
Katharina Grosse_Untitled_2006
Te Kaha_The Marei-Kura_ 2011
Fiona Pardington_Air New Zealand tiki_Unknown
Walters_Untitled_1975_305 x 305mm

18 April - 12 May 2012
Preview: Tuesday 17 April, 5 – 7 pm
Kitchener St

Despite well written curatorial statements, I sometimes wonder if a curated show is inherently an exhibition of the curator’s favourite things. This exhibition at Gow Langsford Gallery Kitchener St is just that. Selected by gallery Staff Favourite Things is a grouping of pairings that, simply put, we like.
Favourite Things
Gallery Staff are invited to select two small works to be hung together and asked to explain the relationship of the two works and why they find this relationship interesting. The pairings inlcude Yves Klein and Colin McCahon; Judy Millar and Allen Maddox; Theo Schoon and Dick Frizzell; Dick Frizzell and Gade; Fiona Pardington and Te Kaha;  Lisa Roet and Kim Joon.