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Gow Langsford Gallery

Gow Langsford Gallery


Dick Frizzell

Frizzell_Boots and All_2011

Boots and All

oil on canvas
500 x 600

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Frizzell_Pile of Stumps_2011_oil on canvas_1800 x 2400_web
Frizzell_Death Notices_2011_oil on canvas_1600 x 1600mm
Frizzell_DIRT ROAD_2011_oil on canvas_800 x 800mm
Frizzell_PAINTED BRDGE_2011_oil on canvas_800 x 800mm
Frizzell_Yellow_2011_oil on canvas_1200x800
Frizzell_LIMESTONE DRIVEWAY_2011_oil on canvas_800 x 800mm
Frizzell_TWO BRIDGES_2011_oil on canvas_800 x 800mm
Frizzell_Big Sunlit Hill_2011_oil on canvas_1400x1700_web
Frizzell_SMALL SUN LIT HILL_2011_oil on canvas_900 x 1100
Frizzell_Oterei Rivemouth_2011_oil on canvas_1200 x 2650
Frizzell_Wavesong_2011_oil on canvas_1800 x 3250
Frizzell_What the old man thinks_2011_oil on canvas_1200 x 3200
Frizzell_Kia Kaha Kid_2011_oil on canvas_1500 x 1500_web
Frizzell_Logo Tiki_2011_oil on canvas_1500x1500mm
Frizzell_Tiddleywinks_2011_oil on canvas_1500 x 1500_web
Frizzell_Boots and All_2011
Frizzell_Halftime (oranges)_2011_oil on canvas_500 x 600_web
Frizzell_Rugby Love_2011