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Gow Langsford Gallery

Gow Langsford Gallery


Max Gimblett

Gimblett_Trellis  after Henri Matisse

Trellis after Henri Matisse

gesso, acrylic & vinyl polymers, epoxy, aqua size,
Japanese black & pastel moonbeam coloured

leaves, clear acrylic overcoat / wood panel
25 x 25 x 2 inch

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Gimblett_The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse  Homage to Sigmar Polke & Salvador Dali_2010
Gimblett_Ladder  After George Braque, 2010
Gimblett_The Multi-Coloured Garment, 2010
Gimblett_Jaguar  in Memorian  after Sigmar Polke_2010
Gimblett_These Flowers are Flesh_2010
Gimblett_The Monks Water Chapel  After Kandinsky, 2010
Gimblett_Trellis  after Henri Matisse
Gimblett_A View of the East, 2010
Gimblett_The Princess Mnemosyne, 2010
Gimblett_Into the Looking Glass_2010
Gimblett_The Silver Altar_2010
Gimblett_Crimson Tide, 2010
Gimblett_In the Darkest Night, 2010
Gimblett_Treasures of the Altar_2010
Gimblett_The Silver Chariot  After Kandinsky_2010
Gimblett_The World Egg_2010
Gimblett_That Search Had Become This Life_2010
Gimblett_My Silent Heart Raises, 2010
Gimblett_Bare Bones  Lady Bug, 2010
Gimblett_Times Square,_2010
Gimblett_Silver Stream_2010
Gimblett_The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze_2010
Gimblett_The Not Self_2008/9
Gimblett_Princess Grace_2010
Gimblett_I have seen Many Wives and none Beautiful as She_2010
Gimblett_Black Night_2010
Gimblett_Monastery of Joy_2010
Gimblett_The Four Ways of Knowing, 2010
Gimblett_Dragon King_2010
Gimblett_Orpheus and Eurydice, 2007
Gimblett_Hewn From That Same Stone, 2009
Gimblett_The Touch Between Man and God 2_2008/09
Gimblett_installation view_2011
installation view
installation view
installation view