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Gow Langsford Gallery

Gow Langsford Gallery


Karl Maughan

Maughan_Karori (Blue & White)_2013
Maughan_Karori (Orange)_2013
Maughan_Karori (Purple)_2013
Maughan_Karori (Red)_2013
Maughan Waiata 2011
Domain Drive II 2006
Domain Drive III
Domain Drive IV

Karl Maughan's first series of screenprints Domain Drive are arguably the most elaborate in New Zealand with 37 different colours used during its production. Their large scale captures the painterly, hyper real gardens that are Maughan’s signature. In collaboration with the artist, Don Tee from Auckland based Art Rite directed the print project.  Enjoying the process Maughan has since created three other screenprints similarly based around his garden subjects.

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